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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Michael Jackson Birth Anniversary: ​​Michael Jackson used to dance on the ground and walk on the moon, these stories will surprise you

Michael Jackson: There were so many struggles in his life that the common man gets scared. He got such a position that the world became crazy about him. It is being talked about Michael Jackson, who took the first step in the world on this day.

Michael Jackson Unknown Facts: Be it dance or music, they are definitely mentioned. Even though he has said goodbye to this world, but if someone reads the four words of music, then he starts getting compared to him. Of course, we are talking about the King of Pop i.e. Michael Jackson, who took his first step in this world in the year 1958 on this day i.e. 29th August. In the Birth Anniversary Special, we are introducing you to those stories from MJ's life, which you would hardly have heard.

fought fiercely in childhood

Michael Jackson saw heights of fame in his life, but before that he had to struggle a lot in his childhood. Born in Gary, a small town in the Indiana province of America, Michael Jackson was the eighth child of his parents. He had a taste for music at an early age. This was the reason that he started his career with his brother's pop group and started playing tambourine and bonga. It is said that at that time, if there was any mistake by Michael in the group performance, his father used to beat him with a belt. This had a very bad effect on Michael.

not easily achieved

Michael Jackson had to struggle a lot to achieve a place in the world of music. Actually, he started his career as a singer during the year 1971, but Michael did not get success immediately. Gradually, his songs started climbing on the tongue of the people and he made a different identity in the world of music. His dancing style settled in the hearts of the people, while Moon Walk blew everyone's senses.

Michael also came face to face with racism

In the 80s, Michael Jackson started tasting success, but in his journey he also faced racial remarks many times. There came a time when his album Beat It Billie Jean and Thriller demolished every wall of racism. Please tell that Thriller was the best selling album of that era.

Many records and awards made in his name

Michael Jackson was called the King of Pop because of his songs. He won many awards in his life including Grammy Award, American Music Award and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Apart from this, there are 39 records in the name of Michael Jackson in the Guinness Book of World Records. During 2019, he was placed at number one among the highest-grossing stars in the Forbes list. 

Personal life troubled fiercely

Michael Jackson earned a lot of name in the world of music, but always struggled with his personal life. He married Lisa Marie Presley during the year 1994, but this relationship could not last long. After this, his nurse Debbie Rowe entered Michael Jackson's life. However, this marriage also broke up after just two years.

Mystery about death still persists

Michael Jackson had a lot of attachment to his body, due to which he used to do various experiments on himself. He had done plastic surgery of his body several times. For longevity, a team of 12 doctors was kept, who used to stay with him all the time. At the same time, 15 trainers used to make him do yoga. Michael used to sleep in the oxygen chamber and did not forget to put on a mask and wear gloves before meeting anyone. Despite this, on 25 June 2009, he said goodbye to this world. It is said that Michael Jackson died due to an overdose of drugs, so some people attribute excessive surgery as the reason for this.

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