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Saturday, August 19, 2023

This woman earns millions from her huge stomach, people are restless to see!

A woman named Fidi Decode is earning in lakhs by showing her huge body and hanging belly. People spend thousands and lakhs of rupees to see his style.

Usually people think that earning money is a very difficult task, but in this era of social media, earning money has not become so difficult. People have found many ways of earning, with the help of which they are earning thousands and lakhs every month. There are some women who are selling their worn socks and even farts, while some are earning a lot of money by selling their pictures and videos. One such woman is in discussion nowadays, who is earning money in such a way, which is quite strange.

Have you ever thought that money can be earned even by showing your stomach? No, but a woman named Feedee Decode is earning lakhs of rupees by doing something similar. Actually, Fidi's body is heavy, his stomach hangs. Still people remain restless to see him. She also keeps wooing people with pictures and videos of her big body. Her fans eagerly wait for updates on her social media pages, where she encourages people to watch her huge abs and watch her eat 10 hamburgers in a row.

People give money instead of seeing stomach

According to the report of Daily Star, Fedi has also made some of his customers, who often keep demanding pictures and videos from him and in return they also pay a lot of money. Fidi says that she got the inspiration to earn money by showing her body after seeing plus size models. According to reports, Fidi has not disclosed her earnings, but she says that her earnings keep changing every month and she also says that she earns a lot of money from this work.

money is spent here

Fidi says that 'around 30-40 per cent of my earnings go into savings and investments. I invest in crypto. Apart from this, the rest of my money is used for daily expenses. At the same time, I also spend some money on buying new equipment, so that I can take better quality pictures and videos.

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