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Sunday, August 27, 2023

This small thing kept in the house of worship will remove the biggest problem, the condition of the planet will change.

Kapoor has been considered a symbol of positivity. Prayag of camphor removes all types of Vaastu defects and planetary defects in our life. Today, we will tell you about some such measures of camphor, by doing which all your problems will go away and by adopting which you will get rid of all the problems of your life.

Kapoor is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. Camphor is used everywhere from God's Aarti to purifying the atmosphere of the house. Just by lighting camphor positive energy comes in the house and negativity goes away. Horoscope defects and Vastu defects are also removed by using camphor. If you are constantly worried about something untoward happening or something inauspicious or if you are worried about insects and pests spreading in your house, then only camphor is enough for all these problems.

Kapoor has special importance in Sanatan Dharma. Camphor is used for performing puja at home and temple and also for all kinds of auspicious and auspicious works. Different types of camphor are available in the market.

importance of camphor

Camphor is considered a symbol of positivity in Hinduism. According to Vastu Shastra, if you burn camphor regularly during worship, then there is positive energy in your house. By doing tricks of camphor, all kinds of Vaastu defects and planetary defects in our life go away.

The use of camphor is considered very important in worship. It is said that any kind of havan and aarti is incomplete without camphor. Burning camphor in the house after worship or regularly keeps the atmosphere of the house fragrant and also destroys the negative energy of the house. Burning camphor in the house brings positive energy and happiness. Camphor is also widely used in astrological remedies. Let us know about some special measures related to camphor.

Effective for vastu defects

If you are facing many problems due to Vastu defect, then for that you have to keep camphor in a bowl on fire at the place of Vastu defect. By doing this continuously for a few days, all your Vastu defects will go away.

Drive away negative energy

If there is an abode of negative forces in your house or if you are haunted by the fear of ghosts in your house, then burn camphor daily in your room and sleep. By doing this, bad dreams will also stop coming.

Helpful in killing insects

Grains or wheat kept in the house often get rust or insects, then putting camphor in wheat kills all rust and insects. Insects run away from the smell of camphor.

Remove the discord

If you are troubled by fights and quarrels in the house every day or there is always a dispute, then burning camphor in the morning and evening maintains happiness and peace in the house and also gets rid of disputes.

Effects on planets

If you are troubled by the planet Rahu-Ketu in your horoscope and the progress of the house has stopped completely, then burning copper three times a day in the worship house will get rid of all Kalsarp defects soon.

Useful in making rich

To get money at home, keeping a piece of camphor in a rose flower and burning it continuously for 40 to 45 days will bring inexhaustible money.

Beneficial in luck

By adding a few drops of camphor oil to the water and taking a bath, you will feel refreshed and luck will also shine.

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