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Sunday, August 27, 2023

The person saw the ghost in his shop! Told such a scary story that people trembled

Sometimes such strange incidents happen with some people that they have to believe them even against their will. A man in England has claimed that he has seen a family of ghosts in his shop, who were burnt to death there.

There are many such things, which remain a mystery even today. You must have heard many stories of ghosts and seen films related to it, but you may not believe in the existence of ghosts and watch such movies just for entertainment. Although there are many such people in the world, who cannot deny their existence. Many people believe in ghosts without seeing them, while many people claim to have seen ghosts themselves. Nowadays one such person is in discussion, who told a scary story that people got goosebumps.

In fact, Tyler Chorley, a resident of England, has claimed to have seen a family of ghosts, fearing which he left his property. According to Kennedy News and media reports, Tyler had a salon in Manchester called TJC and BLC Aesthetics. It is a matter of last 28th June. Tyler, 32, noticed some shadows in his shop's motion-activated cameras. Chorley claims to have seen the ghosts of parents and their two children among the cabinets in her salon.

The abode of souls is in the shop

Chorley told Kennedy News, "When I saw him, I panicked. I also showed that thing to the people with whom I work and they also saw those shadows clearly. It seemed as if he was sitting in the light of day. He was very scared after this incident. He claims that he later came to know that the house where his shop was located had caught fire, in which a mother and child had died. He believes that these are the same souls whom he had seen.

Ghosts appear as soon as you close your eyes

Tyler told that later he did some research and found a picture of the people living there, which was exactly like the family seen on camera. After this, he was so scared that he left that shop and shifted to another place, but he says that 'whenever I close my eyes, I remember that CCTV footage and that mother'. The father, the little boy and the little girl appear.

Looking for an exorcist

Tyler says that now he is looking for someone who can drive away the ghost of that family and purify their property. For this, he has sought help from people on social media. Along with this, he has also given an offer to the people that if anyone is interested in ghosts then he can come to his shop. He would definitely feel an energy here.

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