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Sunday, August 27, 2023

The person changed himself in such a way that he became 'devil', said - I do not like humans at all


A man named Danny Englert has changed himself so much that people are now calling him 'devil'. Many times people have even attacked him thinking him to be a devil. Now he says that he does not like humans at all.

There are some people in the world who do not like their own appearance and in such a situation they start trying to change it. You must have heard about many such people, who have completely changed themselves through plastic surgery, due to which they are not recognized. There are some people who have made their whole body strange from their face. One such person is being discussed a lot these days, whose name is Danny Englert . He has made such a terrible form of himself that people get scared on seeing him and start calling him devil-devil.

Danny has tattoos made all over his body and the condition of his face is even worse. He has got piercings done at various places on his face and by getting tattoos done in his eyes, he has become like a demon. Not only this, he has also got a tattoo done inside his mouth. Apart from this, he has put horns on his head, cut off his ears and also got his tongue cut in two.

Spent lakhs of rupees to become a devil

According to the report of New York Post, Danny says that he has spent 8 years and spent more than 2 lakh rupees in making this devilish form of himself. The interesting thing is that Danny is just 24 years old. They say that they do not like humans at all. Describing an incident, Danny said that once when he was going home with his friend, he was attacked by three men because he looked different and one of his horns was broken in the fight. .

even family members don't like

Danny says that he likes it when people stare at him. Although his family members do not like his evil form at all. Danny told that when he was just 16 years old, he got piercing done for the first time and got tattooed. Since then it has become his passion and that passion has given him a devilish form.

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