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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Rice, wheat, pulses and vegetables will become cheaper from September! Know the complete plan of the government

There has been a bumper increase in the price of food items. Especially the price of rice has reached its record level of 14 years. Due to this the budget of the general public has deteriorated.

With the arrival of monsoon, food items have become expensive in the country. The prices of rice, wheat, pulses and green vegetables have gone up in flames. Tomatoes, which were available for Rs 20 to 30 per kg, reached beyond Rs 250 per kg in July. Similarly, green vegetables also became many times more expensive. This is the reason why retail inflation rose to 7.44 per cent in July, which was recorded at 4.81 per cent before the onset of monsoon in June. The special thing is that along with wheat, rice has also become expensive. However, the central government is trying hard to control inflation. Despite this, inflation is not taking the name of reduction.

With the arrival of the rainy season, the price of tomato first recorded an increase of 363.8 per cent. Tomato had reached Rs 350 a kg in many cities of the country. However, to control the prices of tomatoes, the central government itself started selling tomatoes. Earlier, the government had started selling tomatoes at Rs.90 per kg. After this, it started selling at Rs.80 per kg and then at Rs.70 per kg. Now the central government is selling tomatoes at Rs 40 per kg. However, due to this step of the government, the rate of tomato has come down. Now tomato has become 60 to 80 rupees per kg in the retail market.

There will be a break on rising prices

In this way, an increase of 2.2 percent has been registered in the price of wheat. This has affected the price of flour, due to which food items have become expensive. But, to curb the rising prices of wheat, the central government is considering buying wheat from Russia. It is being said that the government can export 80 to 90 lakh tonnes of wheat from Russia. The government hopes that this will put a brake on the rising prices of wheat.

Has reached a record level of 14 years

Similarly, to curb inflation, the central government banned the export of non-basmati rice. However, even after this decision of the government, the prices have not come down yet. Similarly, now after tomato, onion has also become expensive. In many cities it is being sold at Rs 35 to 40 per kg. Whereas till a few days ago its rate was only Rs.20 per kg. It is being said that from September, onion will be 70 to 80 rupees per kg.

Onion is being sold at the rate of Rs 25 per kg

But this time the government has already become alert. He has imposed 40 percent import duty on onion exports. Along with this, an order has been given to release 3 lakh tonnes of onions from the buffer stock. Apart from this, she herself is selling onions at the rate of Rs 25 per kg in many cities of the country. Also, to control inflation, the government has banned the export of non-basmati rice. Apart from this, the export of sugar is also banned. At the same time, the Center has given permission to import pulses and oilseeds. In such a situation, the government is hopeful that the price of food items may come down from next month.

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