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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Retirement Money: If you are planning for retirement then how to save money, know this special way

Retirement Fund:
If you are thinking of saving money for retirement and you are confused about how to save it, then this news can be of use to you. 

Retirement Schemes: Everyone wants enough money at the time of retirement, due to which people either focus on savings or set goals for investment. This money can be used for your children's education, marriage, buying a house and a car or traveling. Although most people ignore it.  

Government employees can invest their retirement money for pension or for a higher amount. On the other hand, common people can plan to make maximum retirement fund by investing their savings. Although the private sector employees have the option of EPF, but relying only on it may not give you a good fund. 

If you also want to create more funds for retirement, then let us know what are the investment options available to you. 

Pension and EPF 

The government has started the National Pension Scheme for government employees, under which you can invest a fixed amount. It will give the benefit of pension after retirement on your contribution. Along with this, a fixed amount will also be given on retirement. Anyone can invest under NPS. This is optional for private sector employees. At the same time, they have to compulsorily invest in EPF. 

Contribution is made to EPF by both the employee and the company. After this, interest is given annually by the government. Money can be withdrawn from PF account on retirement and at the time of emergency. 

Saving schemes 

Any person can invest in PPF, Mutual Funds, Small Savings Schemes, Insurance Schemes, Bank's Fixed Deposit Scheme for money for his retirement. Apart from this, investments can also be made in pension schemes. 

How to save money for retirement 

If you are saving money for retirement, then keep in mind that you should aim for an amount 20 to 30 times more than your annual income and choose the scheme accordingly. Many experts say that while accumulating funds for retirement, you need to pay special attention to risk and return. 

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