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Friday, August 18, 2023

Online Fraud: Chinese mind game, looted 1400 crores from 1200 people in 9 days

You must have heard many cases of Online Scam or Fraud, but the matter we are going to talk about today is very big. An app and a person trapped 1200 people in 9 days, what is the whole matter, let us give you detailed information about this.

A new case of online fraud has come to the fore which has shaken everyone's feet, a person first prepared an app and then trapped 1200 people in his net in 9 days. The mastermind behind this whole incident is said to be a Chinese person who cheated Rs 1400 crores in just 9 days. Let us tell you what is the whole matter and how not 50 or 100 but 1200 people got trapped in the trap of this person.

what is the whole matter

It has been mentioned in the media reports that the name of this Chinese person is Woo Uyanbe, according to the information given by the police, this person was running this racket of cheating people from Patan and Banaskantha area of ​​Gujarat.

Actually, this Chinese man, along with some of his partners, first created a fake football betting app named Dani Data and then what was it, 1200 people got trapped in the trap of this betting app. This person lived in Gujarat from 2020 to 2022.

The matter was so big that the Gujarat Police had to constitute an SIT team, the CID was first alerted about the matter in June 2022. These fraudsters made many people victims not only in Gujarat but also in Uttar Pradesh.

During the investigation of the case, the CID while talking to the media had told that this Chinese person was living in these areas of Gujarat and connecting people with him by luring them with money and then this app was launched in May 2022.

What was the promise of this app?

This app was showing big dreams to people that you should bet and get high returns. They say that too much greed is a bad thing and the same happened, 1200 people lost a total of Rs 1400 crore due to excessive greed.

This person was preying on people in the age group of 15 years to 75 years and this person was cheating people of about 200 crores in a day. The app ran for 9 days and suddenly stopped one day.

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