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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Not only creators but also verified companies can earn money from X (Twitter), condition is this

X Ads revenue share program: Elon Musk said in a tweet that the Ads revenue program is also for verified organizations. That is, Twitter will give the companies who buy gold checkmarks an opportunity to earn.

Advertising revenue share program: Elon Musk attracted users to the platform by starting the Ads revenue program last month. Under this program, the company pays people for the post. Till now the company has given money to many people. Meanwhile, Musk has shared this information in a tweet that verified organizations can also apply for the Ads Revenue Program. Means news and other big organizations who take gold checkmark on X can earn money from the company. The requirements for verified organizations are the same as for normal creators.

These conditions have to be fulfilled 

Any verified organization has to get more than 5 million post impressions in the last 3 months to earn money from Twitter. This is not a big deal for any popular news channel or company. They can easily achieve this. Apart from this, there should be more than 500 followers on the account. Note, impressions of only verified accounts will be counted.

Gold checkmark is available for

The most expensive checkmark on Twitter is Gold. Gold checkmark is given to companies. The charge for Verified Organization in India is Rs 82,300 plus taxes. If a company gets an employee's account affiliated with it, then for this he will have to pay 4,120 plus taxes (if any). On taking the gold checkmark, companies get fast query response and priority on X. Apart from this, they get all the features that the company offers.

Alan Musk wants to make Twitter 'The Everything' platform and while working in this direction, he is adding all possible features on the app.

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