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Sunday, August 27, 2023

New real-time lyrics feature in YouTube Music app, it's better than before

YouTube Update
: Google has provided real-time lyrics feature in YouTube Music app which enhances user experience with interactive and dynamically updated lyrics.

YouTube live lyrics feature: YouTube has given real-time lyrics feature in Music app to enhance user experience. This update has been released for both Android and iOS. At present, you will see the live lyrics of only a few songs on the app, but in the coming time, the company will implement it on all. If you have not received this update, then update the app once. According to information received from 9to5Mac, to get this update on Android devices, you will need to install version 6.15 of the YouTube Music app or version 6.16 of iOS.

What's different in the update

Those who regularly use the YouTube Music app know that the Lyrics tab appears in the Now Playing section which lists the lyrics of the songs. But till now they were not interactive. Now with the introduction of the Live Lyrics feature, the Lyrics tab has been updated with a new design and larger text with better spacing. Under the new feature, according to the song, a white line keeps appearing in the lyrics as the song plays. The line which gets covered starts to look faded. If you want, by clicking on any line, you can play the song further from there. 

Compared to earlier, the company has increased the space and font between the lyrics of the songs. With this the viewing experience has become better than before.

New feature came in WhatsApp 

Here, Meta has also made the new 'HD video share feature' live in WhatsApp. With its help, you can share HD video in 720P on the platform. Till now videos were shared only in 480P but now better quality videos will be shared. New update is optional. That is, if you want, you can send videos in high quality, otherwise you can share videos in standard quality as before.

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