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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle solved, so far 50 ships and 20 airplanes have gone missing!

The Bermuda Triangle has remained a mystery to scientists around the world for years as to how ships suddenly disappear as soon as they go there. Now a scientist has claimed that he has solved this mystery.

You must have heard the name of Bermuda Triangle. This is such a mystery, which has puzzled scientists around the world for years. The Bermuda Triangle is actually an area of ​​the North Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda, where many ships have disappeared in the last few years, including not only water ships but also many airplanes, which mysteriously disappear forever. Just disappeared from the sky. Now a scientist believes he has solved the mystery of why ships suddenly disappear as soon as they approach the Bermuda Triangle.

According to a website called Britannica, more than 50 water ships and 20 airplanes have mysteriously disappeared in this triangular shaped part (Bermuda Triangle). Claiming the reason behind this, some people say that there is a mysterious vortex hidden, which pulls the ships towards it, while some people believe that the aliens are behind the sudden disappearance of the ships. But an expert claims that the rocks present in the Bermuda Triangle can solve this mystery.

this is the real reason

Speaking in a Channel 5 documentary 'Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle' , Nick Hutchings, a mineralogist, told Mirror that 'Bermuda is basically a sea mountain'. It is an underwater volcano. 30 million years ago it was stuck above the sea floor, which is now destroyed, but the upper part of the volcano still remains. He said that we have some samples of that volcanic rock, which has magnetite. It is the most powerful naturally occurring magnetic substance on earth.

Ghost ship stories are just hearsay

Nick Hutchings reports that he did an experiment using some rocks and a compass. When the rock was placed on a flat surface and the compass rotated on it, its needle became unmanageable, rendering navigational instruments completely useless. This happened because the rocks contain magnetite. He said that even though the sailors claim that they have encountered ghost ships and other strange activities in this creepy area, there is nothing like that. Ships going there mysteriously disappear because of these magnetic rocks.

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