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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Jim Sarbh Birthday: Jim Sarbh became a big name by playing small characters, negative characters gave positive identity

Jim Sarbh:
Character matters a lot in the world of cinema. This was the reason that he focused on the character only. We are talking about Jim Sarbh, whose birthday is today.

Jim Sarbh Unknown Facts: Sometimes he scared people by becoming Malik Ghafoor and sometimes by becoming terrorist Khalil, he shook the hearts of the fans. His roles may have been small, but his strong style made everyone convinced of him. Alam is that he became a big name only by playing small characters. We are talking about Jim Sarbh, who was born on 27 August 1987 in a Parsi family in Mumbai. In the Birthday Special, we are introducing you to such stories from the life of Jim Sarbh, which you would hardly have heard. 

There was no connection with cinema far and wide

You will be surprised to know that Jim Sarbh had no connection with the world of cinema. He himself was studying psychology. Now the question arises that how did a person studying psychology become such a powerful artist in the world of cinema? Let's know. 

Jim had moved to Australia at the age of three

Jim Sarbh's mother is a retired physiotherapist, while his father is a former master mariner. When Jim was just three years old, his family shifted to Australia. Jim remained in America for about five years. When he was eight years old, his family came back to India. 

Entry in the world of theater like this

Jim's early studies took place in Mumbai. At the same time, he graduated from America's Emory University and studied psychology. Experts say that during that time Jim Sarbh learned the ways of Atlanta and worked as a literature intern for about a year. During that time he worked on The Show in Atlanta, Breakup, Tennis in Nablus and Ice Glen. After this, once again during the year 2012, Jim returned to India.

Neerja won hearts by becoming a terrorist

After returning to India, Jim joined the local theatre, but his Bollywood debut was with Ram Madhvani's film Neerja. In this film based on the life of air hostess Neerja Bhanot, Jim played the role of dreaded terrorist Khalil. After this he appeared in films like Padmavat, Raabta and Sanju etc. Jim has also worked in many web series Smoke, Made in Heaven and Flip etc.

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