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Monday, August 21, 2023

How can civilians take part in the war? The scene shown in Gadar 2 is so close to reality!

Any common citizen may or may not join the war. Is there any rule for this in the army? What is the work of Territorial Army and how does it support the army in war. Can civilians also be a part of the Territorial Army? Let's know whether the scene shown in Gadar 2 is true or filmy

How can any common citizen of the country get involved in the war and what are its rules. If the army has made any rule regarding the involvement of civilian in the war, then what is it. Whether the army can make the civilian a part of the war or not. How were people inducted into the army in the 1971 war? Let us know how close to reality the scene shown in Gadar 2 is in this regard!

India has made a rule that it will not attack any nation first. If someone attacks, India will also give a befitting reply. The Indian Army is always ready for this. Even in peacetime, the Indian Army does the mapping of every nook and corner of the country. Means in case of any disaster inside the country, in case of crisis on the border or on foreign land, our army is always ready to deal with any situation. There is not even a single day off during training in peacetime.

The scene shown in Gadar 2 is so true

Whatever has been shown in Gadar-2 regarding the year 1971 war. It is a film, it has nothing to do with real life. Yes, during the Indo-Pak war of 1971, a special recruitment drive was definitely conducted for those guerrillas of Mukti Bahini, who had fled from East Pakistan and were living in refugee camps in India. It was recommended to the Government of India by the Indian Research and Analysis Wing and the officers separated from the army of East Pakistan. He had taken refuge in India after being troubled by the terror of Pakistan. There was a fire in them and they were full of revenge. This is about March-April 1971. The Indian Army believed that in the event of war, they would be helpful in many ways. Meaning he was recruited in the army. Training was given and then their services were taken in the actual war.

What is Territorial Army?

Territorial Army ie Territorial Army is an important part of the Indian Army. Through this, common citizens can join the army while doing their regular duty. It is a formal organization, which recruits professionals. Gives them training. In case of war, their help can also be taken. The role of the Territorial Army is very important even in peacetime. If anyone has the passion to serve the country through the Indian Army, then this organization gives them an opportunity.

This organization took part in the wars of 1962, 1965 and 1971. He has also participated in many other operations of the army. According to the website of Territorial Army, members of this organization participated in Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka, Operation Rakshak in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, Operation Bajrang in North-East.

Whenever there is a disaster in the country, then the members of this organization are first sent for help. At present, more than 50 thousand officers and employees working in different departments are associated with this organization. Among them there are a large number of engineers from Indian Railways, Indian Oil Corporation, ONGC etc. Non-departmental means there is a place in this organization for common Indians as well. His entire battalion is active. Kirti Chakra, Veer Chakra, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Shaurya Chakra, Sena Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal and many more are recorded in the account of this organization.

These are also part of the Territorial Army

Composite Eco Task Force for National Mission for Clean Ganga

Engineers Regiment for repair and maintenance of barbed wire on LoC

Infantry Attached Ecological Battalion

infantry battalion

Territorial Army recruits civilian

If a common citizen has to work by joining the army, then this organization is an important means. There are rules for recruitment from jawan to officer. Generally, recruitment information is published in newspapers. Information related to this is also published in the government newspaper and employment news. If you are interested, you can also get information from the website of Territorial Army.

Civilians cannot be directly involved in war

Colonel Gyan Prakash Mishra (retired) says that he is not aware of any rule in the Indian Army involving the common citizen directly in the war. Yes, the army has regular dialogue with civil society and officers. For this, there is a wing in the army, Sub Area Command. Its basic responsibility is to hold meetings with the civil administration at regular intervals. The civil administration also takes help from the sub-area command during flood, disaster or any such difficult time. This is the general rule. He told that the Indian Army is in alert mode all the time. Our training is such that our soldiers are ready in any crisis.

Although the army also never wants that it has to fight. We are also aware of the loss of war. Loss of life and bloodshed is also an essential part of war. Our officers and soldiers also become martyrs and also those of the enemy. In this case, the common citizens have never been directly involved in the war, nor is there any remote possibility in the near future. He told that common people can help the army in a different way during the war. For this, the civil administration takes the civil defense into confidence. Members associated with this organization can help the army in many ways.

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