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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Have you also started forgetting small things? This is the disease of brain fog, this is how to protect

Brain Fog: Brain fog is a neurological disorder. In this disease, the functions of the brain do not work properly. Due to this, the memory starts getting weak. The problem of brain fog has increased significantly since the Corona epidemic. This disease is also happening in people of 20 to 30 years of age.

If you are having trouble remembering things for some time, do not take it lightly. These brain fog can be the initial symptoms of the disease. Due to brain fog, the person's memory starts decreasing. Can't focus properly on work. There is also difficulty in concentrating on any work. Since the Kovid epidemic, the cases of brain fog have increased significantly. This problem is being seen in many patients of long covid. Patients suffering from Hepatitis C virus can also have brain fog. If you also have all these problems, then go to a neuro doctor. If there is negligence in this matter, then this disease will increase and there will be a danger of losing the memory completely.

According to doctors, brain fog can last for short term and long term. If it is for a short term, then this problem gets cured on its own after some time, but if the symptoms persist for a long time, then the overall health of the patient can be affected.

Why does brain fog happen?

Neurosurgeon Dr. Manish Kumar in Delhi explains that brain fog is a disease of the brain. There are some viruses that can affect the brain as well. Due to which such diseases occur. In these, the function of the brain is affected. In some cases, this disease can also occur due to brain stroke or any serious head injury.

In some cases, fibromyalgia disease also causes brain fog. This problem can also occur in patients of depression. Weakness of memory and difficulty in concentrating are seen in patients of depression. Patients who have had traumatic brain injury also get this disease, in which memory becomes weak. People of any age and pregnant women also get the problem of brain fog disease.

What to do to avoid

If you have started having the problem of forgetting things, then do not consider it as a common problem at all. Consult a doctor in this case. Based on your symptoms, the doctor will start the treatment. There may be a course of medicine in this. Many types of tests will also be done before treatment. MRI and CT scan will be done. So that the cause of the disease can be known. If this disease has occurred due to any injury in the brain, then the treatment will be done accordingly. Even if a person has depression problem, immediately consult a psychiatrist. To prevent brain fog, it is also necessary to keep food and lifestyle right. Take complete sleep and do not take unnecessary mental stress. If you keep these things in mind then you will be protected from diseases.

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