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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Hair Transplant: Does hair fall even after hair transplant? How safe and what to keep in mind, know from experts

Hair Transplant Process: Some people also suffer from mental stress due to hair loss. Along with this, it starts affecting the social life as well. Hair transplant treatment is done to bring back the hair. Let's know everything about it...

Hair Fall Problem: It is normal to break 2 or 4 hairs while combing, but if these flakes are falling in the form of flakes then it is really a matter of concern. According to hair experts, if around 100 hairs are falling daily then it is normal. More hair fall than this is worrying. Like diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure, 4 out of every 10 people are facing the problem of hair fall. Infection or dandruff are also responsible for this.

But apart from these, deficiency of Vitamin B and D in the body is also the reason for hair loss. Dr. Ranjan Upadhyay, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Laser and Hair Transplantation Expert at Max Multi Specialty, Delhi , says that people are now opting for hair transplant in the desire to get hair back. But apart from this, hair fall is also treated with plasma therapy.

Hair experts say that hair fall depends on many factors. Among these, genetic problems, diabetes, stomach or liver problems are also included. Dr. Pradyuman Vaidya, Senior Consultant Dermatologist at Jahangir Hospital, Pune says that hair transplant is by far the most effective treatment for hair loss. So experts say that hair transplant is a successful treatment for hair. Let us know what is hair transplant and how is it treated.

What is hair transplant treatment?

Actually, hair transplant is a surgical method, in which hair is taken from the dense hair area on the back or side of the head and planted in the area where there is no hair. This whole process takes about 8 to 10 weeks. Be aware that only expert doctors do this treatment. In this treatment, hair is grafted on the head in several sittings. It is worth noting that if you get hair transplant done by a skilled and experienced doctor, then you may have to pay a fee of Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000 per graft. Let us also tell you that each graft has 2-3 follicles, each containing 1-3 hairs.

How long does the hair last?

But the question is, how long does the hair in the head last after such a long and expensive treatment. Dr. Pradyuman Vaidya, Senior Consultant Dermatologist at Jahangir Hospital, says that how successful hair transplant is depends on different individuals. It depends on how skilled the doctor is and the quality of the hair. Dr. Pradyuman says that hair transplant should be done from a specialist only. Hair taken from the right place lasts for 15 to 20 years. Your diet also determines how healthy the transplanted hair will be.

Hair fall after hair transplant?

In response to this question, Dr. Ranjan Upadhyay says that usually after 2-3 months of hair transplant, hair loss is seen in some people, in which about 10-30% of the transplanted hair falls out. . Such shock is caused by loss and is normal after surgery. However, experts also say that the transplanted hair regrows completely but one has to wait for 6-10 months for better results.

How safe?

Dr. Pradyuman Vaidya says that after the treatment, there may be a problem like swelling or redness at the hair transplant site. It is important to understand that these effects are temporary and usually go away within a few days to weeks.

What to keep in mind

The most important thing is to use saline spray to avoid scab formation at the transplant site. Avoid heavy workouts, swimming, brisk walking and gymming for the next two weeks. Also, stay away from smoking and drinking. The person should lie down with the head elevated about 45 degrees for 1 or 2 days. Cotton or surgical cap should be used while going out. Apart from this, keep taking follow up from your doctor.

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