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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Garlic has become cheaper in these cities, the price has reduced to less than Rs 145 per kg

Madhya Pradesh has the maximum cultivation of garlic. It alone produces 62 per cent garlic. After this comes the number of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The special thing is that despite being the largest garlic producing state, the rate of garlic is high in MP.

Inflation in the country is not taking its name. As long as one thing is cheap, other food items become expensive. After tomatoes, onions, ginger and red chillies, now the high prices of garlic are making people cry. Due to this the budget of the general public has deteriorated. Garlic, which was available at Rs 80 to 100 per kg three to five months ago, has now become costlier than Rs 180 per kg in the retail market. But despite this, the price of garlic is less than Rs 145 per kg in many cities.

Traders say that there was excess production of garlic last year. Due to this, its rate in the market had fallen down a lot. In such a situation, the farmers could not even recover the cost. Many farmers had suffered heavy losses. In such a situation, he was buried under debt. Especially the farmers of Madhya Pradesh had to bear huge economic losses due to the fall in the prices. Many farmers had thrown garlic on the roadside. This is the reason that this year the farmers did very little cultivation of garlic due to the fear of loss, due to which the production of garlic decreased as compared to last year.

Damage compensation

Experts say that the prices are increasing due to the decrease in the arrival of garlic in the mandis. Till the new crop does not come, the prices will not fall. But, this year the farmers became rich by selling garlic. Many farmers also compensated for the losses incurred last year by selling garlic this year.

This is the price in these cities

But, despite the high price, garlic is being sold very cheap in many places in the country. Right now the cheapest garlic is available in the country in Jaipur. Here the rate of one kg garlic is Rs 140. After this, garlic is being sold cheaply in Patna, the capital of Bihar. People have to spend Rs 141 for one kg of garlic in Patna. The special thing is that Madhya Pradesh, the state producing maximum garlic in the country, has more expensive garlic than Bihar. In Bhopal, people have to spend Rs 152 for one kg of garlic.

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