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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Cannabis Effects: Why do people start laughing or crying out loud after smoking cannabis? this is the reason

Cannabis Effects: Cannabis is consumed in many countries around the world, its excessive consumption can have a bad effect on health. The effect of cannabis is gradual in the body.

Cannabis Effects: Marijuana is widely used in many countries of the world including India, in some countries it is legal and in some countries its use is severely punished. It is also used a lot in India, here people know it by the name of Bhang. Especially in the festival of Holi, it is drunk a lot with thandai. After consuming cannabis, its effects are also seen, in which people either become excessively happy or they remain sad for many hours. 

There is a direct effect on the brain

Taking cannabis in excess can be harmful to health, because it directly affects the brain. Like any other drug, it does not show effect immediately, when people take it with cold, they do not know this thing. That's why they gobble many glasses one after the other. After which they also have to face the consequences of this. The effect of cannabis with thandai is about 30 minutes later. 

Why do people start laughing and crying?

Now we know the answer to the question that why people become excessively happy after smoking cannabis. Actually the reason for this is the dopamine hormone, which is also known as the happy hormone. Our behavior changes due to its increase or decrease. When someone consumes cannabis, due to this hormone either he smiles continuously or remains in sorrow continuously. 

Consuming too much can worsen health.

Cannabis also affects a person's nervous system, after which he starts doing the same thing again and again and he is not aware of what he is doing. Experts advise that it should not be consumed in excess, as it can worsen your health and lead to heart attack. In many countries around the world, it is also used for medicines. 

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