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Friday, August 25, 2023

Explainer: Sensor light in every room, online-offline exam, know how hi-tech the country's biggest exam center is

Bihar government has prepared the country's largest exam center after studying the exam system around the world. Computer system at the exam center is also proposed to be connected with biometric.

The newly built Bapu Examination Center in Bihar's capital Patna is in discussion these days. It has to be made state-of-the-art and equipped with technology. This is said to be the first examination center prepared by any government in the country. The escalator is in front of the people, information about the light on-off through the sensor was given during the inauguration itself. CM Nitish Kumar inaugurated this examination center with a capacity of 20-25 thousand and announced to make such examination centers in other districts as well.

Bihar is a very infamous state in the case of copying. Here the businessmen are so sharp that they have been doing burglary easily even in the online examination. It can be said that this is a complete and big racket, which has spread far and wide in the state. Everyone is a participant in this. Probably, the new examination center is an attempt to wash away this stain.

equipped with modern technology

The reality of the exam center will come to the fore when the exams will actually start. Presently, the exam is being conducted here in both online and offline mode. It is important to understand how this examination center equipped with state-of-the-art facilities will be able to stop cheating.

So far, the means available for online examination in the country were used to the best of their ability in Corona time. Institutes like IIM, IIT got the exams done when the examinees were sitting at home. With the help of technology, these institutions made tremendous arrangements.

The system is such that the neck does not turn around and the warning appears on your screen. Then the monitors used to give this warning to the examinee, but now this thing has gone a step ahead. AI is now going to do the work of warning. Meaning he will give warning without any mistake. The system will also shut down after three warnings. He has already started doing it in foreign countries. A senior officer of Bihar said that the government wants that the dignity of the examination should be maintained. The stain of being a copycat rule on Bihar should also be washed away.

preparing to stop cheating

Bapu Examination Center is going to help the government in this. Now the building and basic infra have been prepared. Now it has to be made efficient with technology. This work will also be completed in the next few months. According to this officer, the youth giving the exam here will not be able to even think about cheating, no one else will be able to take the exam in place of anyone. The center is being technically enriched. This examination center will be able to establish its identity as a center of excellence in a few days, such arrangements are being made.

In the arrangements that are being made here, it will be impossible for any kind of disturbance during the online exam. The camera of the system will remain on. The microphone will be on. The screen will be shared somewhere else and it will be being monitored by Artificial Intelligence. The one who will neither be afraid of threats nor can he be shot.

If the mistake is repeated again and again, first warning and if still not accepted, the system will automatically stop. Candidate will not be able to proceed with the exam. All this will be easy because the computers installed in the center are designed only for the exam. Many stories of rigging are common in online centers in Bihar. In this, only the operators of the examination centers were found helping the copycats. The computer is installed in the examination center, the youth is also sitting, but the stories of bypassing the system and giving it on remote have been coming to the fore.

biometric facility

Media headlines are being made. It is also being abolished in this examination center. AI will monitor most of the things. With the end of human intervention, the possibility of errors will also reduce. If AI excludes someone from the exam, then that stain will remain for life.

Biometric will be helpful outside the examination center to crack down on fake candidates. Knowingly or unknowingly, even if a fake candidate reaches, he will be caught in the examination center. Computer system is also proposed to be linked with biometric. As soon as the thumb impression is put, it will be known that Suresh has come in place of Ramesh and he will be caught because Suresh will not be able to turn on the system.

Bihar government has prepared a full-proof plan for this after studying the exam system around the world. Such technology has been used during international exams like G-MAT, GRE. Day by day it is being made more secure. Sensor lights, CCTV are also being installed here. It should be expected that very soon this center of Bihar will be set up in Patna for the convenience of examination.

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