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Friday, August 25, 2023

Elon Musk's company will start satellite internet in India soon! What is this after all?

Starlink Internet: Elon Musk's company will soon start satellite internet in India, know here what is satellite internet and how will it benefit the users. See here the complete details of when Elon Musk's company will get approval from the Telecom Department.

Elon Musk's Starlink is preparing to launch satellite broadband service in India. According to the report, the company had sent a request for license to the Telecom Department (DoT) last month. At the same time, the Telecom Department can discuss the license request of Elon Musk's company next month. Earlier, the company had applied for the license in the year 2021. The satellite's Global Mobile Personal Communications (GMPCS) license will enable Starlink to offer satellite-based communication services in licensed areas.

According to reports, Musk's company started taking pre-orders in 2021 without any license. After which the company had to return the money of the people for not getting approval from the Telecom Department. But now there is a possibility that the company may start satellite network in India soon.

Airtel backed OneWeb and Jio already have license

1. If the GMPCS license is approved, Starlink will join the list of Airtel-backed OneWeb and Jio Satellite Communications.

2. The next step for Starlink will be to acquire an in-orbit spectrum from the DoT, which will allow the company to operate its satellite network in India.

3. Starlink's entry can make internet more accessible in India. Starlink's entry wireless internet connectivity in India can greatly benefit people in remote areas, affected areas and victims of natural calamities.

4. Satellite networks have already made Internet access easier in some parts of the world. At present, this connectivity is available in 32 countries, including Ukraine, which has been heavily dependent on Starlink.

Danger on OTT apps!

Apart from the license of Starlink, the Telecom Department is also considering bringing OTT apps in India soon under the licensing term and condition. These apps include Google Meet, WhatsApp, Telegram and other Internet-based voice and instant messaging platforms.

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