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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Consuming more fiber can suck the body's water, can be a victim of these 4 problems

Fiber is one of the most essential things for the body. 
By fiber are meant those things in which coarse grains and fibrous fruits come. Such as things made from whole grains, fruits like apples and oranges, and other foods. While it acts as a laxative, it also speeds up the metabolism of the stomach. It speeds up your bowel movement and then helps in reducing the problem of constipation. But, what if you start consuming more of these foods? Come, let's know.

What happens if I eat too much fiber?

1. Absorbs water in the stomach

Eating more fiber absorbs water in your stomach. Actually, you should consume more and more water with things containing fiber. This is because lack of water can dehydrate your stomach and its effect can be seen in your whole body. This affects the liver, kidney and even appetite. 

2. Can cause constipation

Consuming too much fiber can make bowel movements more difficult. Because if you do not drink a lot of water with fiber-rich foods, then instead of being soft, your stool may become dry and dry, due to which you may have constipation problem. Apart from this, sometimes your stomach can also get upset. 

3. There may be swelling in the stomach

Consuming too much fiber can cause bloating in your stomach. It actually creates a condition of indigestion. Due to this it happens that all the muscles of the stomach get swollen and then it causes acid reflux. It can also last for a long time and you may need medicines. 

4. There can be problems related to intestines

Consuming more fiber can cause many problems related to the intestines. Due to this, the work of your intestines can get worse and then it creates problems related to digestion. It can cause a kind of blockage in the intestines which can make it difficult to digest food. Therefore, for all these reasons, you should not consume more fiber.

(This article is for general information, before adopting any remedy must consult a doctor)

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