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Monday, August 21, 2023

Chandrayaan 3: How is the lifestyle of scientists on the moon, know everything from eating to sleeping

Today India is achieving new dimensions in space as well. Chandrayaan 3 is on its way to success. Do you know how is the lifestyle of an astronaut in space?

India is playing its sting in the field of space. Chandrayaan 3 has reached very close to its mission. At the same time, Russia crashed in space even before landing the Luna 25 mission. At present, whenever there is talk of going into space, then people wearing silver or white clothes roam in our mind, who are called astronauts. While on earth we live in a shell of oxygen all around, this does not happen in space. There is zero gravity in space, due to which astronauts cannot even set foot on the ground. They just keep floating in the air. People are given special training to go into space and the routine of astronauts is completely different from eating to living in the environment there.

Scientists have to face many challenges while working in space. The radiation present in the universe has a bad effect on health, so the body starts becoming weak. It is not easy to survive in space. That's why the entire schedule of those who do research while living in space, from eating to sleeping, is different. Know in detail.

food in space

Now technology has gone a long way as compared to earlier. Astronauts do not eat food like Earth, but they have thermo-stabilized foods. It is a low moisture food. At the same time, mostly special powder is used for drinking. Although some food is also eaten naturally like nuts etc. While living in space, only a limited amount of food is eaten.

space walk

Now that there is no gravity in space, the feet do not rest on the surface. When researchers have to get out of the rocket and do some work, then they wear space suits and work tied through safety features. At the same time, a small propulism system, Safer, is fitted in the suit of astronauts for a space walk, which acts as a kind of lifejacket. Wearing this suit, astronauts can roam in the void of space without any rope etc.

toilet in space

The question arises that after all, there is zero gravity in space, so how do astronauts excrete excreta. Let us tell you that they are just like a normal toilet, but high vacuum cleaners are installed in it, which pull all the waste fast.

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