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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Ban on use of mobile phones by teachers in schools, action will be taken if caught, government issued order

Teachers in government schools will not use mobile phones. If caught doing so, action will also be taken. The state government has issued instructions to all education officers to strictly follow the order.

Teachers of government schools will no longer use mobile phones in schools. Regarding this, the state government has banned the use of mobile phones in government schools. This ban has been imposed by the Kerala government in all government schools in the state. Strict action will also be taken on using mobile phone in the classes during studies. The state government has said that the use of cell phones has been banned as part of raising the standards of teaching in the classroom. The DEOs of all the districts have been advised to ensure that these orders are strictly implemented.

Teaching time is being wasted in the classrooms by using mobile phones for personal needs instead of business needs. Apart from this, it has been told in the instruction that this decision has been taken on the basis of the report given by UNESCO in 2003. Experts' opinion was taken in a meeting organized by Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayan on 3 August. It states that these instructions have been given on the basis of the opinion of educationists and experts regarding the use of technology in schools and good governance.

Mobile phone cannot be taken in class

According to the instructions issued, some conditions have been placed on the use of mobile phones for teachers as well as students. Teachers are not to carry cell phones to the classrooms. It has been said that under no circumstances should the phone be used during teaching. Along with this, it has also been clarified that after taking the attendance of the students in the class, they will have to keep the mobile phone in silent mode and hand it over to the headmaster. It is clear in the order that if a mobile phone is to be used in connection with the course, the permission of the headmaster must be taken in advance.

Even students cannot take mobile

Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones in the class. They have to submit it in the headmaster's room or with the clerk. If necessary, students can use mobile after taking the permission of the headmaster. For violating the rules for the first time, the concerned teacher will have to give a written explanation to the headmaster for not doing so again.

Principal will be responsible

The education officers will conduct surprise inspections of the schools to see whether the rule is being followed strictly or not. It also directed that if any outsider or student complains about the rules, the headmaster of the school concerned will be responsible for it. According to the instructions given by the School Education Department, if the rules are found to be violated during the inspection in the schools, then the headmaster will be responsible. After making all the schools fully aware of these rules for a few days, the School Education Department has issued orders to the officials to strictly implement these rules.

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