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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Amit Single: Who is Amit Single, made Asian Paints a big brand of India; Know total income

Amit Single Income: Amit Single is such a person, who has taken Asian Paints to a new height. The company has earned better than last year. 

Amit Syngle Net Worth: Asian Paints has strengthened its hold in the market. It is one of the top companies in the paint business. The business of Asian Paints is not only spread to India, but its business is spread in more than 15 countries. The company is engaged in manufacturing, selling and distribution of paints, coatings, home decor products and other services.  

Amit Singal is the CEO and MD of Asian Paints. He has taken Asian Paint to a new height. Amit Singal has been associated with Asian Paints for over 29 years and has worked in various sectors like Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing. He was appointed as the CEO and MD on April 1, 2020 for a period of three years. 

When did you start with Asian Paints? 

He started work in Asian Paints Factory in 1999. Amit operated the factory in Greater Noida with 1000 workers. Due to various reasons the plant here was almost on the verge of closure, but Amit took charge and announced a six-month lockout. After this, he focused on making it a better plant for two years. 

How much is earning 

Amit Singal's total compensation in Asian Paints is currently Rs 18.4 crore. At the same time, during 2020, his total compensation was more than Rs 10 crore. And his salary is 40 million rupees. Significantly, compared to the same quarter of the previous financial year, the net profit of Asian Paints increased by 52 percent to Rs 574.84 crore in the June quarter of 2024. Compared to the previous quarter, the company has registered a 24 percent increase in profit. 

One of the seven companies in the world 

According to the Business Today report, the total income has increased by 4.49 percent from the previous quarter and 6.68 percent from the previous quarter to reach Rs 9,182.31 crore. As per Fortune India report, Asian Paints is among the top 7 companies in the world with a consolidated turnover of Rs 34,489 crore and a market capitalization of around Rs 3.4 lakh crore. 

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