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Saturday, August 26, 2023

After tomato, now the price of onion is on fire, here the price is Rs 67 per kg

Crisil Market Intelligence and Analytics had claimed in its report that after tomato, now onion will spoil the budget of the general public. There will be a bumper increase in the price of onions from September. He had said that from next month onions would start selling at Rs 60 to 70 per kg. This will increase inflation.

The general public has become worried due to inflation in the country. After tomato, now onion prices are making people cry. However, the central government is trying hard to control onion prices. Despite this, inflation is increasing instead of decreasing. Especially the increasing price of onion has become a tension for the general public as well as for the government. Till a month back, onion which was available at Rs 15 to 20 per kg is now being sold at Rs 35 to 40. Whereas, in many cities of the country, its rate has crossed Rs 60 per kg. Due to this the budget of the general public has deteriorated.

According to the site of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Mizoram is currently getting costlier onions from all over the country. Here in Langtalai district, the price of one kg of onion has gone up to Rs 67. In such a situation, people are buying onion according to pav. Local traders say that onion is getting expensive in the market itself. In such a situation, while coming to the retail market, its price is increasing to Rs 67 per kg. If traders are to be believed, there is no hope of a fall in onion prices. It is possible that onions will become more expensive from next month. After this, onion is being sold the most in Khwajawal, another city of Mizoram. Here the price of one kg onion is Rs.60.

40 percent import duty has been imposed

On the other hand, if we talk about Delhi-NCR, then the average rate of onion here is Rs 37 per kg. In such a situation, we can say that the rate of onion in Mizoram is almost twice as expensive as in Delhi. However, the central government is trying hard to control the rising onion prices. He has imposed 40 percent import duty on onion exports. So that, the stock of onions can be increased in the country, so that there is no shortage of onions in the market.

Rising prices

The special thing is that the central government itself is selling onions at Rs 25 per kg through Nafed. The government hopes that with this step, onion prices will come down. But this does not seem to be happening. The prices are increasing gradually.

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