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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Aadhaar-PAN link: Not yet updated, will you get this month's salary?

Pan Aadhar Link: To take advantage of government schemes, to open a bank account or any other important work. It is mandatory for your PAN to be active for every work. But do you know that for the salary credit in your account, it is necessary for the PAN card to be active. So what if you did not link PAN, then this time salary will come in the account.

The government is constantly making efforts to link Aadhaar card-PAN. The government also extended its term several times. The last deadline to link PAN with Aadhaar without penalty was 30 June. After this, now an option has been given to link it with a penalty of Rs 1000. However, after this there are still many people who have not linked PAN with Aadhaar.

In case of not linking both, your PAN card has become inactive. Now the big question is that if your PAN card is not active then will your salary be credited to your account. Let's know what the expert has to say.

These facilities will not be available

Due to lack of Aadhaar-PAN link, you will have to face many problems. Experts say that inactive PAN means that you do not have a PAN card. According to the Economic Times report, Anil Rao believes that due to lack of Aadhaar-PAN link, there may be problems in important works like opening bank accounts, investing somewhere, getting FDs done. At the same time, its effect can also be seen on your debit and credit cards.

Will the salary be credited?

Now the big question is that due to lack of Aadhaar-PAN link, people whose PAN has become inactive. Will the salary of such people come? According to Anil Rao, even after your PAN is inactive, your salary will come into your account. Experts say that the payment of salary and TDS deduction is done on behalf of your employer. No bank can restrict it, these people may have problems.

According to Ashish Mishra of Fincare Small Finance Bank, generally the employer needs an active PAN to process the salary. If your PAN is inactive in such a situation, then there may be a problem in getting your salary credit. Especially those employees who have changed jobs recently may definitely face problems. Because to open an account there, you have to submit only active PAN card. Otherwise, your salary may get stuck.

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