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Monday, June 12, 2023

Russia Supports China: China will attack Taiwan with Russian support! Preparation for war on another front against US

China-Taiwan Tension:
There is news from Taiwan that along with Chinese fighter jets, Russian fighter jets have also appeared in Taiwan's border. It is being feared that whether China can attack Taiwan with the support of Russia?

China-Taiwan-USA: America and NATO countries embroiled in Ukraine may now face another setback. This time gunpowder is going to open in the eastern region. If you are guessing then you are right that the second orgy of destruction can now be started from China . It has stood against America on the cusp of war. In fact, Taiwan is already built along with the South China Sea on China's landmine target. Due to American interference, China has not been able to take any major action till now.

According to the equations that are being made at the moment, this will not happen now. China's aggression has increased many folds than before. Its target is more clear than ever on Taiwan. China can attack anytime. This attack is also easy for China. This is because, China has already been deployed in the South China Sea. At the same time, fighter jets have also started flying to handle the front from the sky.

According to the report, China had sent several fighter jets to Taiwan's air zone. The number of these fighter jets is said to be around 24. But this time the shocking revelation has come that the name of a fighter jet is also included in the report of the Taiwanese Defense Ministry which confirms Russia's connection in this China's landmine action. What is Russian connection, understand it in detail.

Russian aircraft Su-30 also in Taiwan

Taiwan's Air Force has claimed to have seen China's fighter jet. 10 fighter jets of China have been seen crossing the Taiwan Strait, after which the Taiwanese Airforce started its action. Not only this, it is being claimed by Taiwan that Chinese warships have also been intercepted while patrolling in the South China Sea. Russia's cooperation is the reason for China's aggressiveness. However, it has not been officially included in the statement by the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan. There is a need to understand what was said by Taiwan in response to a question while making the report public.

The premise is that China's J-10, J-11, J-16 were intercepted, apart from this the H-6 bomber was also seen along with the Su-30. A total of 24 planes are being claimed in the flying party. That is, by taking the name of Su-30, Taiwan has tried to tell that Russia is also involved in the aggressive preparation against Taiwan along with China, on which action means facing a devastating attack from Chinese warships floating in the sea. It could have been done, and all this has happened after Taiwan's President Sai Ing Wen's visit to America, but the question is, why suddenly there was a need to show such aggression against Taiwan? The answer to this question comes from another report.

Another war front against America

According to the report prepared by quoting Chinese sources, China has encircled Taiwan as a strategy. As soon as Russia becomes weak in the war of Ukraine, the front of South China Sea will open. Russia will make an edge by dividing the attention of America and NATO countries and if America leaves Taiwan alone, China will occupy it.

That is, Tawan is increasing regarding the fate of Taiwan. Which can be understood from President Jinping's strategic announcement, he has been continuously pledging to use all kinds of sources to include Taiwan in China. That's why preparation has always been for war, but this time the preparation and aggression has increased. Which clearly shows that, at a behest of Putin, Jinping can attack Taiwan. This clearly means that a new front of war against America will open.

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