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Monday, June 12, 2023

Egypt: Big accident in Egypt! Boat carrying 27 people catches fire, 3 British tourists missing

A few days ago, a shark attacked a Russian tourist near a resort in the Red Sea of ​​Egypt, after which the beaches were closed. Now there has been a stir once again due to the fire in the boat.

A big accident has happened in Egypt . Here a boat carrying tourists suddenly caught fire in the Red Sea. Three people are missing in this incident. At the time of the accident, 27 people were present in the boat. The 3 missing people are said to be British citizens. The search operation is going on continuously in search of these three. The incident is being told on Sunday when suddenly the boat caught fire while going to Lag Sagar.

Of the 27 people on board, 15 were British tourists. After the accident, 24 people have been rescued. These include 12 British citizens. At the same time, three British tourists are said to be missing and they are being searched. At the same time, the British officials are constantly monitoring the situation. Giving information about this, a spokesperson said that the British Foreign Office is in touch with the local authorities. Although there is no information about how the boat caught fire.

shark attacked man

This news has come to the fore at a time when the beaches were closed recently following an accident at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. In fact, during this time a shark attacked a Russian citizen, due to which he died. The video of this incident also became quite viral on social media. He was swimming when a shark came from behind and made the person its victim. During this, many people standing near the shore saw the shark attacking the person but could not do anything even after wishing.

At the same time, by the time the rescue team reached to save the person, it was too late. The shark attacked the man and took him underwater. Although during this time the person tried hard to free himself from the grip of the shark but to no avail.

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