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Monday, June 12, 2023

Phobia in Mind: What is the treatment of phobia, how does a person fall prey to it?

Phobia is such a psychosis that everyone suffers to a lesser or greater extent. It is said that the great psychologist Sigmund Freud also suffered from this. That's why there is no need to worry about it. Psychologists tell - it can also be freed.

Phobia can usually happen to anyone at any time, but it is not normal to be phobic all the time. Every person has his own likes and dislikes. Most people can have only one choice in a particular situation. But phobia is of different types in every person. Psychologists have presented a new research regarding phobia.

According to psychologists, if someone is afraid of boarding a plane, then it is called flying phobia. Similarly, if someone hesitates to go in the crowd, then it is called social phobia and if someone is afraid of dogs, then it is called dog phobia.

Phobia is a type of mental illness

Psychologists have told that phobia is actually related to mental health, it is a type of psychiatric disease. Every person's brain power is different and he has a different relation with the society. Some remain particularly active and some stay far away from activism. Therefore, sometimes very dangerous consequences of phobia also come to the fore.

Does every person have phobia?

Recently psychologists in Britain have explained that phobia can be of two types. A person who is always afraid of something or the other is definitely a psychopath, but some people lack adventure, then they suffer from 'specific phobia'. Many people fall in this category.

For example, the fear of dangerous animals is common in everyone, but it cannot be called a phobia. Many people are afraid of height and depth, which is also natural, so it cannot be called a phobia. But if there is fear of animals, animals or medicines and injections seen in normal life, then it will be called a dangerous type of phobia.

How does phobia affect the brain?

The human brain has its own network of structures, which is known as the limbic system. The feeling of fear, anxiety, love is the sign of its aliveness. If the fear is too deep, it will interact with other parts of the limbic system, such as the hypothalamus. After which the heart rate and breathing of the person starts increasing and nausea, nervousness and sweating starts.

There are some strange phobias

This can be understood with some examples. For example, fear of train travel means train phobia, it is also called siderodromophobia. Sometimes there is a fear of losing something in a person, it is said that psychologist Sigmund Freud was suffering from this.

There is a lot of discussion about 'nomophobia' in recent times. Under this, a person is afraid of living without a mobile phone. He feels dullness in life without mobile, seems to have missed something important.

Can phobias be treated?

According to doctors, there is no definite medicine for phobia because it is not a physical or mental illness. It is a kind of state of mind which can be controlled only by practice. Because this phobia can sometimes decrease on its own, and sometimes it can increase even more.

Phobia can be conquered psychologically. The best way to do this is to instill confidence in yourself and try to remove fear from within. Take proper rest, keep trying to engage yourself in work apart from sports, entertainment and think positively, these measures can reduce phobia.

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