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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Due to these reasons caesarean delivery is not normal.

Delivery will be normal or caesarean. This is discussed in the house of a pregnant woman for the whole nine months. But alas, only a handful of women get the privilege of giving birth naturally.

New Delhi: Delivery will be normal or caesarean. This is discussed in the house of a pregnant woman for the whole nine months. But alas, only a handful of women get the privilege of giving birth naturally. Actually, this happens because of some greedy doctors. Today we are going to expose such greedy doctors. ABP News investigated on normal and caesarean delivery which was very shocking. You also know about it.

What is the survey of National Family Health -   According to the National Family Health (NFHS-4) survey, where 10% caesarean deliveries take place in government hospitals, 31.1% deliveries in private hospitals are caesarean. In such a situation, caesarean delivery is three times more in private hospitals.

The question will arise in your mind that what are the reasons behind this? So let us tell you, the increasing influence of privatization in health services in NFHS-4 and the policy of hospitals to make more profits is the main reason for this. Simply put, private hospitals have converted life's biggest pleasure into business, which is worth more than 23 thousand crores.

What do the figures say- 2.7 crore children are born every year in the country. Of these children, 17.2 percent are born by caesarean section. In this way every year 46.44 lakh children are born by caesarean section. On the other hand, if we talk about the average cost of caesarean delivery in a private hospital, then it is 50 thousand. In this way, private hospitals are earning Rs 23,220 crore just by caesarean delivery.

What is the difference between normal and caesarean delivery from the point of view of health. ABP News spoke to Mala Srivastava, Gynecologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi about this. Dr. Mala told that bleeding can happen during caesarean delivery. You may have an infection. In such a situation, there is also a risk that the delivery for the second time should also be through caesarean. There is no doubt that there are many complications of caesarean delivery. Even anesthesia complications can happen.

Some questions too- Apart from these, some questions arise that is there any other reason for the increase in caesarean delivery as compared to earlier? After all, why are there more normal deliveries in government hospitals? Is there any scientific as well as social aspect of increasing caesarean delivery? And on what basis it is decided whether the delivery will be normal or cesarean?

What do doctors say- In response to these questions, Bela Ravikant, Gynecologist Department Head, Metro Hospital, Noida Hospital, says that the physical work has reduced. Women sit in the laptop for 3 to 4 hours. Weight increases. Women do not eat healthy foods. age of women. Due to all these, the flexibility in their body also decreases. His moment is not much. The baby's head is not able to develop properly, due to which the delivery of the child is not easy.

It was found in the data that in the states where the literacy rate is high, more children are being born through caesarean section.

Dr.'s arguments regarding caesarean delivery- Mala Srivastava says that no family wants the child or the mother to have any problem. As soon as it seems that the mother or the child is having any problem, then caesarean is advised. Now the family also gets ready for caesarean easily. Dr. Mala says that in many situations the pregnancy has to be terminated in 32-33 weeks only. This keeps the mother safe as well as the children. In such a situation, the death rate of child and mother has also come down.

WHO statistics- According to World Health Organization statistics, till 2010, only 8.5 percent caesarean deliveries were done in the country. This includes government and private hospitals. Which has increased to 17.2 percent in 2015-16. While it should be between 10 to 15 percent only.

In such a situation, the question arises that what happened in the last 5-6 years, which increased the cases of caesarean delivery. In response to this question, Dr. Pushpa Singh, Gynecologist Head, Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi, says that people do not have patience, they want quick results. Some people do not see the suffering of the mother and request for caesarean section for early delivery. While some people want a child only on a particular date. For these reasons also, caesarean delivery is increasing.

These diseases occur in children born through operation- It has also been proved in many studies that children born through normal delivery are more healthy. Children born by caesarean delivery are at higher risk of obesity, allergies and type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Jagdish Prasad, Director General, Ministry of Health, says that in order to stop caesarean delivery for money, it can be very beneficial if the cost of both types of delivery is made equal or very little difference between them.

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