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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Your home's WiFi is the next target of Chinese hackers, keep yourself secure like this

Hackers find new ways to target people, now your Wi-Fi router has come on the hackers' trail. Let us know how to keep yourself safe.

If you have also installed a WiFi router at home, then tell that you too can be a victim of Chinese hackers. Let us tell you that now a report is coming out which has revealed that a group of Chinese hackers are integrating dangerous firmware targeting popular TP Link routers. How is this firmware at risk to you? And how can you keep your Wi-Fi router safe, let us give you information about this.

Firmware causing damage in this way

The firmware that Chinese hackers are installing in Wi-Fi routers is really dangerous. This firmware gives hackers full control of your device, due to which hackers can easily access your Wi-Fi or say network.

According to the report of Check Point Research, whatever cyber attack incidents are happening through this firmware are being done by China's sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat Group Camaro Dragon.

How hackers are affecting routers

The cyber security company says that it is not clear how hackers are installing dangerous firmware into the router. But it is being said that hackers may be carrying out these incidents by finding out the flaws and weaknesses of the router and with the help of easy-to-detect passwords.

How to keep Wi-Fi router at home safe from hackers

You can keep yourself safe from hackers through software updates. Explain that you should keep your router's software and firmware updated regularly.

Strong password will protect you: If your Wi-Fi router's password is such that it can be easily cracked, then tell that you can also come in the grip of hackers. In such a situation, it is advised to keep changing the password of your router from time to time and whenever you create a new password, create a strong password only.

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