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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Wrestlers Protest: What is Narco Test… How does this technique work? Why does a person spit out the whole truth in the lab?

It is believed about narco test that with this technique a person reveals everything that is hidden in his heart. But sometimes it also proves to be a hoax. In such a situation, the challenge in front of the examiners increases.

Former Wrestling Federation of India president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, facing criminal investigation in sexual harassment cases, has offered to undergo a narco test to prove his innocence. However, he has also put a condition for this. He has said that he is ready to undergo the narco test, provided Vinesh Phogat and Bajrang Punia also undergo the test.

On the other hand, after Brijbhushan Sharan Singh's condition came to the fore, Bajrang Punia has also said that he is ready to get the narco test done. However, Bajrang Punia also said that the narco test should be under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Bajrang Punia has said that there should be a live telecast of the narco test, so that the whole country can listen to the country.

What is narco test?

Narco test is a medical process to know the truth. It is also called 'truth serum test'. In this, sodium pentothal is injected into a person's body through injection. It is a type of anesthesia. Which takes a person into hypnotic state. And he becomes unconscious.

It has been medically proven that a person under the influence of anesthesia gives very clear and uninhibited answers to any question. It is believed that a person also tells those things which in normal condition never wants to speak.

In earlier times substances like scopolamine and sodium amytal were used in narco analysis technique.

When did Narco start?

The practice of using truth serum in the interrogation of criminal cases started around 1903-15. It was then widely used by psychiatrists during World War II to treat soldiers suffering from post-war trauma. After which it started being used to reach the truth.

How does this technology work?

When sodium pentothal is injected into the body, it slowly descends through four phases in the individual – (i) the waking state, (ii) the hypnotic state, (iii) the sedative phase (iv) and the anesthetic phase.

When one is in an unconscious state, he reveals information that he normally does not reveal in the conscious state. In this state it becomes difficult for the person to lie.

The personnel involved during a 'narcoanalysis' include a forensic psychologist, an anaesthesiologist, a psychiatrist, a general practitioner or other medical personnel and, if necessary, an interpreter.

In India this technique is performed either inside forensic science laboratories or in operation theaters of accredited hospitals.

What are the limitations of 'Narco Analysis'?

However, according to a 2010 Supreme Court ruling, narco test results are not admissible as evidence. Because the court says that the person does not remain conscious during the trial. An answer given in unconsciousness cannot be proof.

Apart from this, the complete success of the narco test is also doubtful. In the opinion of experts, there is a possibility that the person will not reveal any relevant information. Some people are capable of deceiving even in unconsciousness. And also create imaginary stories.

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