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Friday, May 26, 2023

Woman's waist is 11.8 inches, not exercise, this disease is the secret

Girls want to have actresses like figure and thin waist. To fulfill this desire, girls are ready to sweat for hours in the gym. But there is a woman who does not need to exercise to get a thin waist. Actually, due to a disease, her waist has become 11.8.

Today everyone has to stay fit. To fulfill this desire, people sweat for hours in the gym. Especially if we talk about girls, then it is believed that the girls who are fit have a thin waist. Girls desire to have actresses like figure and thin waist, however due to wrong lifestyle and eating habits, increasing obesity is common. But what if you get this gift of slim waist without exercise? You may find it strange to hear, but this thing is true.

If the records are seen, then in the year 1937, a girl named Kathy Jung was born in America. Whose waist was 38 centimeters (15 inches). Because of her waist, her name was recorded in the Guinness Book Record. Here we are talking about Ruth Lujan, who is just 26 years old but can shrink her waist up to 11.8 inches. According to Summit Orthopedics, when Ruth was 19 years old, she became a victim of hyperlaxity syndrome.

What happens in this disease?

In this disease, the joint of the bones of the waist opens. Because of which you can make it as spicy as you want. Ruth was very fond of belly dance, but Ruth realized this disease when her ballet teacher saw her. After this he asked Ruth to see the doctor, after seeing the doctor, she has become a victim of a rare disease. Due to this disease, she will not be able to do ballet dancing again. After this the doctor advised Ruth to wear a corset. Due to which she can avoid painful symptoms like fatigue and stiffness in the joints.

Talking about his illness, Lujan while talking on YouTube for the first time told that his muscles have become weak due to this disease. Sometimes it seems that the spinal cord has stopped working. However, at the behest of the doctors, I started wearing waist-tight undergarments everyday. Earlier I used to hesitate to talk about my illness. But when people see my look, they get attracted a lot.

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