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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

WhatsApp joins hands with Truecaller, will bring new features to stop Spam Call

Are you getting WhatsApp Spam Call? WhatsApp is soon going to bring some new features to get relief from this problem. Know about these features...

The process of spam calls on WhatsApp is still going on. In the last few days, you must have seen many such cases around or read the news related to it. Nowadays , audio-video calls are being made to users from international numbers on WhatsApp . This has become a new method of scam and people are being advised not to pick up such calls.

Now it comes to the point that what is WhatsApp itself doing to stop these cases? To curb spam messages and calls, WhatsApp has partnered with Truecaller . Apart from this, some new features will be added to the app, which will help users to identify and deal with spam calls.

How Truecaller Works

The job of the Truecaller app is to identify and filter spam calls. About 35 crore users are using this app. If you have a true-caller app on your phone, then you will get the facility of caller ID of incoming calls, with this you can identify those numbers which are not saved in your phone. However, it is not yet clear how this true-caller filter will work on WhatsApp.

When will the new feature of WhatsApp come?

The new safety feature of WhatsApp is currently in beta phase, that is, its testing is going on. It is believed that it will be rolled out globally after May. Apart from true-caller service, some new features will also be available to prevent spam on the platform.

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on the 'Silence Unknown Caller' feature, which will automatically mute calls from unknown numbers. You will be able to see these calls in the Call section on the app.

What can WhatsApp users do now?

How to get rid of spam calls before new WhatsApp features? For this you have the option to block and report spam messages and calls. If you want that you do not get call-messages from any number, then you have to block it.

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