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Friday, May 19, 2023

Twitter users got out, now they will be able to upload 2 hours long video

A new feature has been added for Twitter Blue users, let us tell that now users will be able to upload videos up to 8 GB or up to 2 hours easily..

Ever since Elon Musk took over the reins of the microblogging platform Twitter in October last year, one of the benefits users have got is the addition of new features to the platform. Every day some new feature is being rolled out for users, let us tell you that now Elon Musk has announced that a new feature has been released for Twitter Blue subscribers. What is this new feature and how will you benefit from it? Let's know.

Twitter Videos Upload

Elon Musk has informed through his Twitter account that Twitter Blue users will now be able to post long videos of up to two hours. One thing that is to be noted here is that the video should be either 2 hours long or the facility to post only videos up to 8 GB will be available.

If you don't have Twitter Blue, you will be able to upload only this long video.

Now the question must be arising in the minds of many people that the information about video uploading has been given for Blue users, but what about those users? How long can users who do not have a subscription to Twitter's Blue service post a video?

Let us answer your question, tell that if you have not bought Twitter's blue subscription, then you will be able to upload only 140 seconds i.e. 2 minutes 20 seconds of video on the platform.

If you want to buy blue subscription then you will have to pay this much money

If seeing this new feature, you also feel like buying Blue Tick subscription, then tell that the monthly fee of Blue Tick for Indian users ranges from Rs 650 to Rs 900 (from web to mobile).

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