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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

To avoid unwanted pregnancy, are you also making such a mistake, be careful, otherwise you may have to repent for life

Are you also using abortion pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy? If yes, then you should also know the dangers caused by it. Your small mistake can put your life in danger.

Abortion Pill Side Effects:  Becoming a mother is the biggest dream of every woman. On one hand, people adopt different methods to become a mother. At the same time, some women use abortion pill on their own to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. This can be dangerous. That's why doctor's advice must be taken before taking abortion pill. Taking abortion pills on your own can be dangerous. Let's know its side effects...

Abortion laws

There are laws for abortion in every country. Abortion has been considered legal in India till 24 weeks of pregnancy, that is, till this time any woman can undergo the procedure to get rid of unwanted pregnancy.

Why abortion pill is dangerous

According to the gynaecologist, abortion pill has to be used to terminate the pregnancy. Things like MTP kit have to be used. In many cases, it can have minor side effects, but in certain cases, it can also increase the problem. According to doctors, in some cases the embryo gets stuck in the fallopian tube of the woman. This is called Ectopic pregnancy. This means that the embryo has stayed in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. 

Aortion pill can be fatal

Taking abortion pills during ectopic pregnancy increases the risk of bleeding. Bleeding removes tissue and due to this damage to the wall of fallopian tube starts. In such a situation, there is a danger of bursting of the fallopian tube. In this condition, extreme pain and bleeding starts. If surgery is not done immediately then there is a danger of death.

Take abortion pill only on doctor's advice

Gynecologists tell that, before giving abortion pill to any woman who has come for abortion, now after checking it makes sure that it is not a case of ectopic pregnancy. For this, the help of tests like ultrasound is taken. Doctors refuse to give abortion pills if symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are seen during the examination, because it can also endanger the life of the patient.

 Abortion Pill side effects

upset stomach

having cramps

having back pain



feeling nauseous

sudden increase in pain or bleeding

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