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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Those with curd have eaten kadhi, now try raw mango kadhi...see recipe here

Aam Ki Kadhi Recipe: Have you ever eaten raw mango curry...if not, here we are telling you how to make it.

Aam Ki Kadhi Recipe: All of us must have eaten Kadhi sometime or the other in our life. Often we eat Kadhi with curd pakoras. But have you ever eaten mango curry. Yes, mango is completely different from curd and gram flour curry. People like the taste of this curry in summer. Dumplings are not put in it. Believe me, if you try this recipe once at home, then people will demand to make mango curry again and again. It does not take much time to make it. Then why to delay, let's know how to make raw mango curry. Kadhi

Ingredients for Mango Curry

4 raw mangoes chopped

2 tbsp oil

one tablespoon mustard

20 to 30 curry leaves

2 to 3 whole red chilies

8 to 10 whole black peppercorns

1 cup grated onion

3/4 tsp garam masala

salt to taste

sugar to taste

a cup of coconut milk

ginger for garnish

Green coriander to garnish 

How to make Mango Kadhi

- To make raw mango curry, first cook the mango completely by adding water and mango in a vessel.

- After this, add four cups of water to make a mixture of mangoes.

- Now add coriander, garam masala, chilli, turmeric, salt and sugar to it and mix well.

- Now heat oil in a pan, add curry leaves, whole red chilies, mustard seeds and black pepper and fry well.

- When the mustard starts crackling, add onion to it and stir till the oil starts leaving.

- After this, put the mango mixture in the pan and cook it on low flame for 5 minutes after it starts boiling.

- After this add coconut milk and cook on low flame for 2 more minutes.

- Your tasty mango curry is ready.

- Garnish it with green coriander and finely chopped ginger, serve with hot roti or rice.

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