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Sunday, May 7, 2023

This summer, enjoy the taste of delicious Mango Peda...See its easy recipe here

Mango Peda Recipe:
Have you ever had Mango Peda? If not, then by following these tips, prepare Mango Peda at home. Surely everyone in the house will like it.

Mango season is here. In this season, people eat mangoes fiercely. Some people drink mango panna, while some drink mango syrup. Everything made with mango is very tasty. Now, what would happen if a mango tree is made in such a way. From the name itself, it looks very tasty and tempting. And believe me, it is really very tasty to eat too. You can also serve it to guests. It is also very easy to make, so let's know what is the recipe for making Mango Peda.


Mango puree 3 to 4 cups

Milk powder 3 to 4 cups

Condensed milk 3 to 4 cups

sugar 1/4 cup

a pinch of food color

ghee three spoons

Saffron a big pinch

a big pinch of cardamom powder

Almonds 10 to 12

pistachios to garnish

Nuts or Silver Panna for topping

How to make Mango Peda

To make Mango Peda, first heat a tablespoon of ghee in a pan on a low flame.

After this add milk powder, condensed milk to the pan and mix it well.

Cook it until you get the consistency of flour.

Now take out the mixture in a separate plate.

After this put 2 tbsp ghee in the pan.

Now add mango puree, cardamom powder and saffron to it and cook while stirring continuously.

Keep cooking it till the mango puree becomes slightly thick.

Now put the mixture of milk powder condensed milk back in the pan and mix it well. Slowly the contents will melt.

Keep cooking it till the mixture becomes thick and then turn off the gas.

After this, take out this mixture in a separate plate and keep it to cool down.

When the mixture is slightly hot, make small round balls out of it.

After this, flatten it with light hands and place a whole almond in the middle of it.

Use saffron thread and chopped pistachios for garnish.

Your mango tree is ready.

Eat yourself and also feed the guests.

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