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Sunday, May 7, 2023

After living together for 35 years, the man proposed to his girlfriend, will marry now!

Unique Love Story:
A very interesting case has come to light in Britain. A couple has been living together for the last 35 years without marriage, they have children and those children have also become children and now the man has proposed his girlfriend for marriage.

What people do not do to get their love . They are ready to fight even with the whole world. You must have seen that many times boyfriend-girlfriends marry others under the pressure of family members, then there are many couples who fight with the family to marry their partner and if the family members still If they don't listen, they go somewhere far away from them and get married, but have you ever heard of such a case, when a couple has been living together for years without marriage and has proposed for marriage in old age? Yes, nowadays one such interesting matter is in discussion, knowing about which people are also surprised.

This couple is from Britain, whose names are Graham Martin and Andrea Murray. According to the New York Post report, 58-year-old Graham has recently proposed his 60-year-old partner Andrea for marriage, but the most interesting thing is that they have been living together for the last 35 years, but till date both No one had proposed for marriage.

Will marry after living together for 35 years

Actually, both went for a walk on a beach in Scotland and it was here that Graham proposed to Andrea sitting on his knees. Since Andrea had never expected this, she was moved to tears seeing Graham's love. According to reports, Andrea told that Graham had decided years ago that he would never marry, while he loved Andrea very much. However, now coming on the threshold of old age, he changed his decision and now this couple is going to tie the knot.

The surprising thing in this matter is that this couple has children as well as grandchildren. Interestingly, despite being together for so many years, Graham took permission from Andrea's 88-year-old father before proposing marriage.

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