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Thursday, May 25, 2023

This girl is taking salary in return for the service of her parents, virtue and money are being earned together

It is the duty of every child to serve the parents, but these days a girl story has come to the fore from China. Where she is taking money from her parents in return for their service. You may find it strange to hear, but this thing is absolutely true.

Every person in the world considers it his duty to serve his parents in their old age. Many times it is seen that people leave their jobs to serve their parents. But what if someone instead of doing this takes salary from his parents for this. You must be finding this thing strange in hearing, but it is completely true. Here we are talking about a woman from China who is in discussion these days because she is taking salary from her parents instead of serving them.

According to the report published in SCMP, 40-year-old Ninan quit her job to take care of her parents and is now serving them. In return, she is taking a substantial amount from them. The most surprising thing in this whole matter is that his parents offered him to leave the job and serve us. For this he will definitely give him salary. According to media reports, Nianan used to work for the news agency for the last 15 years.

What did the parents offer

In this work, Ninan was always under stress. For the last 15 years, Nianan always used to do this work, but she never had that happiness on her face. In such a situation, he told all this to his parents. The parents' heart melted after listening to the daughter and they decided to call the daughter home. After listening to this offer from her parents, she was not ready to come because she knew that if she lost this job, she would not get another soon.

The parents found an idea for this problem of their daughter and they offered Nianan that if she would stay with them, she would be given a substantial salary instead. Whose amount will be more than the current salary. Apart from this offer, she also said that if someone gives a better offer than this, she can leave at any time. Nianan immediately accepted this offer from his parents. Talking to the media, he said that he is now very happy with his new life.

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