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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Summer Skin Care: These summer skin care tips will keep men's skin healthy and clear

Summer Skin Care: Men can follow the tips given here for skin in summer. This will help you to keep the skin fresh and clear. Let us know which tips you can follow.

Summer Skin Care: With the change in the weather, there is a need to change the skincare routine as well. Now whether it is a woman or a man. There are different types of skin. Some have dry skin and some have very oily skin. The pores on the skin of men are slightly larger than those of women. Extra oil is produced in summer. It attracts dirt and dust very fast. Pimples also occur due to accumulation of dirt in the pores. Tan is also deposited on the skin due to exposure to harmful UV rays.

People with sensitive skin also start having various skin problems and rashes. In such a situation, men can also follow some skincare tips. With these tips, you will be able to keep yourself fresh. The skin will also remain healthy and glowing.

shower twice a day

You can take bath twice in summer. This will prove to be very good for your mind and body. With this you will be able to save the skin from dirt and stickiness. This will keep you fresh and active. It also maintains the level of serotonin in the body. This will also improve your mood.


You can use loofah for skin. This will help you exfoliate the skin. It cleans your pores. It controls the production of extra oil. This makes your skin look healthy and glowing.

clean the armpit

Keep the armpit clean. There can be a problem of burning and itching at this place. This thing can also cause infection. That's why absorbent powder can be used. Avoid wearing too tight clothes.


Use a good quality deodorant. Body odor starts coming due to sweating in summer. To avoid this, you can use deodorant.


Always carry wet wipes with you. With this you can remove the dirt and sweat of the face and hands. This will make you feel fresh. These protect you from the damage caused by bacteria.

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