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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Story of Arcedior Interior startup, how Vivek Agarwal earned a name in the world in 10 years

The market of interior designing is full of challenges. There is always a demand in front of interior designers to present something different and unique. Designing should be such that it wins the hearts of people at first sight.

This story of the country's leading interior startup is no less interesting and inspiring. The name of this company is Arcedior . Whose founder is Vivek Agarwal, who started it with passion and took off in a short span of time. Vivek had a special interest in interior designing , and that is why he started it like a mission.

Vivek Agarwal's mission was also supported by his wife Shruti Agarwal, who is a skilled engineer by profession. Both husband and wife together started this company in the year 2011, whose products have become famous not only in India but also in many big countries of the world.

Where did the inspiration to start the company come from?

The concept of Interior Startup was prepared by Vivek and Shruti together. Husband designer, wife engineer. Then what was left. The couple thought something different about the interior and took steps towards making it a reality.

Before forming the company, Vivek and Shruti studied its demand and limitations in the Indian market and then also traveled to some countries. Both of them had decided to do something different during their visit to those countries. Obviously every startup has to face challenges in the beginning. Arsedior is also no exception to this.

Interior startup was easy but it was difficult to deliver the products to the customers. For this, he took the support of such an online platform, which is more and more effective. Through the online platform, their products and the design of those products got recognition in the market.

Intended to revolutionize interior design

The market of interior designing is full of competition. Everyone at his home. Wants to get the interior designing of bungalow or hotel, restaurant etc. unique. There is a special demand for innovation here. Vivek and Shruti had specially taken care of competition and innovation during their foreign trip.

Vivek Agarwal ties up with Modern and Global Sourcing Platform to take Arsedore forward. Their products were liked so much that it brought a revolution among interior designers, project owners and architects. Arsidiore's curated products have established itself in the market for distinctive design.

Knocking abroad after India

Arsedior started with hotel, corporate sectors in India. The success achieved here expanded his ambitious plans. After gaining popularity in the Indian market in just ten years, the company shifted its focus to the Middle East, Africa and America markets. Product quality and customer satisfaction came in handy.

After this, the products of this company started being sent to many other countries of the world. The company soon achieved its position by improving the delivery service and through the e-commerce platform. In today's date, the company has become worth hundreds of crores.

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