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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Smartphone Tips: Ads come in the phone again and again? close like this forever

Smartphone Tips:
If you too have been troubled by the repeated ads in your smartphone, then follow this process, after that the ads in your phone will stop forever.

Many times we are doing movies, games or important work in our smartphone, then we often get bothered by the advertisements that come up. Some ads have to be seen completely, then you can complete your work, in such a situation it happens that you are not able to submit the form on time in this game. These ads completely spoil the fun of watching movies or web series. But now you will not have to worry anymore, today we will tell you about such a trick, after which you will be able to do gaming and web streaming without advertisements.

Let us tell you that advertisements are shown according to your search. Google generates advertisements related to the topic you searched. But now you will not have to see these advertisements, you can stop these ads forever from the settings in your phone.

How to stop ads from your phone forever

- First open the setting of your phone.

- Here click on the option of Manage Google Account.

- After clicking, search the option of ads or advertisement here.

- In the advertisement setting, you will get the option of “Opt out of personalized ads” or instead of “Turn off interest-based ads”, enable this option.

- After this reset the Advertisement ID.

Settings and names may be different according to different devices, after updating the settings, make sure to switch off and on the phone. So that your phone works smoothly without any hassle.

After following this process, you will not have to watch advertisements again and again and you can comfortably stream web series or play any game on the phone without any interruption.

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