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Friday, May 26, 2023

Sengol or Walking Stick: What is the reality of Sengol or Nehru Golden Walking Stick? Why is Congress protesting

Is Sengol to be installed in the new Parliament House or Nehru's golden walking stick? Different claims have started regarding this matter. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has rejected its historical facts which were told by Home Minister Amit Shah.

The new Parliament House is going to be inaugurated on 28 May. But various issues are coming up regarding this. The opposition has announced not to be a part of this inauguration. The opposition says that the inauguration should be done by the hands of the President. A day before, Home Minister Amit Shah held a press conference. In this conference, he mentioned Sengol. It was a new word for everyone. No one had any idea of ​​its historicity. From that day onwards people came to know that it is a symbol of transfer of power. Which we also call the scepter. Now there is another ruckus regarding this. The uproar is that till now this scepter was being known as Jawahar Lal Nehru's golden rod in a museum in Prayagraj.

On May 28, Sengol (scepter) will be installed in the new Parliament House after offering prayers and chanting Vedic chants in the traditional way. It will be placed next to the speaker's seat. Proper preparations have been made for this. Scholars from Tamil Nadu are coming to Delhi. He will hand it over to PM Modi with full custom. This custom was coming from the Chola Empire. After independence, Lord Mountbatten handed over this to Jawaharlal Nehru. But it was taken and kept in the Prayagraj museum. Lord Shiva's vehicle Nandi is sitting on the top of this pole. Now the dispute is whether it is Nehru's golden walking stick or Sengol (scepter).

Jairam Ramesh targeted

At the time of independence, the cost of this scepter was Rs 15,000. It is fully loaded with jewels. This whole scepter is of silver and it is wrapped with a gold sheet from above. Glimpses of Indian culture and art are visible from top to bottom. Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh made a long tweet. He has said that no proof of Sengol's historicity is found in history. Jairam Ramesh said that it is surprising that false narratives of WhatsApp University are being set up for the new Parliament. Attacking Ramesh said that these people make a lot of claims but they do not have any evidence. The hypocrites of BJP/RSS have been exposed.

It was spread from WhatsApp University

Jairam Ramesh said that what is being called Sengol was brought during a religious establishment in the then Madras province. It was made in Madras city itself and was handed over to Pandit Nehru on August 1947. The Congress leader said that no such document exists that Mountbatten handed over the scepter to Rajaji and Nehru as a symbol of the British transfer of power. The claims that are being made are nonsense. He said that it was spread through WhatsApp University. Now the media people are beating the drum of this.

Sengol was kept in Prayagraj Museum

Jairam Ramesh claimed that the scepter was later put on display in the Allahabad Museum. He said that whatever the label under the scepter may say, it is a matter of public record. Jairam Ramesh says that the party is doing all this to take political advantage in Tamil Nadu. Ramesh said that the real question is why President Draupadi Murmu is not being allowed to inaugurate the new Parliament?

Government gave evidence in website

The central government has also launched site. In this, he has brought out the historical facts related to Sengol. In this, information has been provided through many pictures and videos. It is written in the government's site that on 14 August 1947 a unique incident happened in New Delhi. The transfer of power from the British to Indian hands was solemnized and marked with the handing over of the Golden Sengol to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, given to him by the High Mahant of the Thiruvaduthurai Adhinam. Thiruvaduthurai Aadhinam is a holy non-Brahmin religious monastery in existence for more than five hundred years in Tamil Nadu.

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