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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Quit LPG, now Indian Oil is giving CNG-PNG connections to homes, you will benefit like this

Government oil company Indian Oil has started giving CNG and PNG connections to people's homes. Soon they will be available across the country. Read this news...

Right now you would be getting 'Indane' LPG cooking gas cylinders at home, but very soon this will be a thing of the past. Government oil company Indian Oil, which supplies cooking gas under the name 'Indane', has started giving connections of CNG i.e. Compressed Natural Gas and PNG i.e. Piped Natural Gas to people's homes.

Indian Oil is working to deliver CNG and PNG to people's homes across the country. The company is planning to provide CNG and PNG connections to about 1.5 crore people. Compared to LPG, the connection of CNG and PNG can also be a profitable deal for you.

Does not cause damage on leakage, also 30% cheaper

IndianOil's director (pipelines) S. Nanavade says CNG and PNG are "much safer" for home use than LPG or motor spirit. They are lighter than air. That's why even in case of any kind of leakage, they get mixed in the air immediately and it does not cause any harm to anyone.

With this, he told that both these fuels are much cheaper than LPG. These are up to 30 percent cheaper than other fuel options available in the market. Indian Oil Corporation has set up a one-of-its-kind plant in Tamil Nadu in association with 'Airvoy Technologies', where a testing unit for CNG cylinders has been set up.

Indian Oil will give nine lakh connections

Indian Oil says that it will supply CNG and PNG to 1.5 crore people across the country. In Coimbatore itself, its plan is to give about 9 lakh connections. Although the company has not fixed any final target for this, it can also decrease or increase.

The company plans to lay CNG and PNG pipelines across the country except Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast. Due to the presence of hilly areas in both these areas, it is difficult to lay pipelines here. Nevertheless, the government's plan is to lay a pipeline here as well. For this, the government has also called for expression of interest.

Government wants to increase the use of gas

The central government wants to increase the sale of gas in the country. At present, its share in the country's fuel basket is 6.5 percent, which is to be increased to 15 percent by 2030. The government has set a target that 98 percent of the country's population should use CNG and PNG. At present, the major supply of LPG in the country is met through imports.

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