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Monday, May 15, 2023

Penalty will not be imposed even if the account balance is zero, know what the RBI rule says

If you are also troubled by the problem of deducting money from the bank, then you can complain about it by going to RBI.

If your bank also keeps deducting money from your account without any reason, then this news is useful. Often we have heard and seen ourselves that banks keep deducting money from our account without any reason and then the account goes into minus. Then the customer is left with no option but to close the account.

But even when you go for account closing, the bank officials do not close your account and say that after clearing the minus amount, your account may be closed. If you are also facing the same problem, then let us tell you what the RBI rule says about this.

Maintain minimum balance

Nowadays everyone gives preference to savings bank account. Banks keep a condition while opening a savings account from the customers that after opening the bank account, they have to maintain a minimum balance in the account. This minimum balance limit is also decided by the banks themselves. If the minimum balance is not maintained in the customer's account, then penalty will be deducted from his account. But, let us tell you, doing so is subject to RBI rules.

What does the RBI rule say

Under the rules of RBI, the bank cannot deduct money from the customer's account even if there is no minimum balance. At the same time, by deducting in the name of penalty, the bank cannot make the customer's account in minus. Still, if a bank does this, the customer can go to the RBI and complain about the bank.

Where to complain

If the bank makes your account negative by deducting the money, then you can complain about it by visiting the RBI website. Based on your complaint, RBI will take action against the bank.

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