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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Online Fraud Safety: Make sure this information before using internet, no one will be able to cheat

If you know these four important things before running anything on the Internet, then the scammer will not be able to cheat you. These methods are handy for every user.

Online Fraud Safety Tips: Nowadays online frauds are increasing rapidly. While ordering food online, searching for a match in Tinder, watching a YouTube channel or clicking on a link, users are falling prey to scams. In such a situation, it is necessary that we become alert.

These days , from internet novices to experts who are roaming around as experts, they are becoming victims of fraud. The thing is clear, if you do not understand the forgery going on on the internet, then today or tomorrow you too can become a victim of such fraud. Here we are telling some such things, knowing about which then no one will be able to deceive you.

Fraud happens through phishing

Phishing is the most common method of cyber fraud. In this, scammers prepare a fake page of a website, where false offers are served to the users. For example, suppose you have received a message with a link saying that a sale is going on at Flipkart and you are getting such and such a deal for Re 1. Glad you clicked on the link. Now you will see the fake page of Flipkart. Due to the cheapness, you also made the payment immediately, but nothing came to your hand.

It is not that simple, this fake page will save all the payment details that you have entered. After this, another transaction can be done with this detail and your account can be empty in a few minutes. Keep in mind that the biggest identity of the message with phishing attack is to give cheap offers, you do not have to click on any link under this greed.

Avoid clicking on pop-up windows

Many times the website we open is filled with ads. Also, ads appear repeatedly in pop-up windows (small screens). Avoid clicking on these pop-up windows. As soon as you click on these ads, you will be redirected to another website, many times by doing this some unwanted programs are also installed in your device. These programs can even give hackers remote access to your system. After this, whether it is bank details or any other personal information, it will not be difficult for the hacker to find it.

Browser, windows must be updated

No matter how far technology goes, scammers find a way out. That is why tech companies keep releasing updates for browsers, operating systems and apps-software. It is important that you keep your laptop, mobile phone, tablet and other devices up-to-date.

Enable Multifactor Authentication

You must enable multifactor authentication for your account and device. This gives extra security to your identity and password details. With this feature, apart from the password for sign-in, you can also choose biometric or other options.

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