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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

OMG! The cost of the old house was Rs 412 crore, the landlord said - will not sell

A home owner has rejected a developer's offer of Rs 412 crore, saying he cannot price his house. Now this landlord has become a topic of discussion among the people.

Nailed House: You must have seen that lands and houses that come in the way of government schemes are often acquired. Many times people have to sacrifice their homes despite not wanting to. However, there have been many such stubborn landlords, in front of whom the property developers and even the government had to bow down. Today we are going to tell you about one such stubborn landlord, who was offered Rs 412 crore by the developers, but the person rejected the offer.

An Australian family has turned down an offer of $50 million (roughly Rs. 412 crores) from property developers, who have built a suburb around the stubborn landlord's property, reports unilad. The family say they cannot afford the price of their beloved Windsor Castle-style home. This place is only 40 minutes away from Sydney.

According to the report, this house is spread over an area of ​​five acres. Where there is a 650 feet drive-way surrounded by lush green gardens. Now this 'stubborn building' has become a topic of discussion in the area. When the land here was sold to the public in 2012, its market value was around $4.75 million. Experts say that now its price can be around 50 million dollars.

Real estate agent Taylor Bredin says most people in the area sold their land and homes years ago. But only one person remained. Today the value of his house has gone up to billions.

According to Bredin, the property is so large that about 50 houses can be built there. On the other hand, if the land is divided into blocks of 3,200 square feet, then the price of each block can be one million dollars. However, the land lord has flatly refused to sell it.

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