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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Liars blink repeatedly, know how many more symptoms have been told by psychologists?

Lying is such a crime that hardly anyone in the world can escape. We are often not very serious about lies, but many times big incidents happen due to this lie. Know how to avoid liars.

There would be hardly any person in the world who would never have told a lie . more or less. Once or a thousand times. Often we lie to someone or we have to face someone's lie. Many times people also trap us in the web of lies. In such a situation, the important question is how do we identify the liars who spread themselves?

Professor of Psychology Department at Hertfordshire University has given some special measures in this regard. In his new method, the scientist has explained in detail how to catch a lie and how to identify a person who is lying. So that you do not get cheated by anyone.

How to identify a lie?

According to the report of Science Focus, the psychology professor says that while talking to any unknown person, keep paying attention to his body language. Keep testing the pronunciation of his words properly. If he is trying to explain with more emphasis, then understand that he is trying to hide some truth.

That psychologist says that we interviewed many people, including politicians and common people. Gestures matter to any person. Because the liar often smiles unnecessarily at the time of saying something. Although this is a popular myth. It needs to be taken care of a little more closely.

Signs of liars

Although nowadays there is no dearth of vicious people, people also start acting to speak lies as truth. That's why your understanding becomes very important in this matter. But still there are some symptoms, which can be taken care of. For example, while telling a lie, the eyelids of a person's eyes rise and fall again and again. This is the truth.

Even the color of the eyes changes while lying. The liar either speaks very loudly or talks in a low voice. He can never behave normally. If someone starts scratching his nose while talking, then understand that he is trying to lie.

Can lying be avoided?

It is difficult to answer this question. Because there is hardly any person in the world who can avoid lying. Some people have a habit of lying, while some are forced to lie according to the circumstances. Lying is such a habit in which we feel guilty, that's why we start peeping here and there.

How effective is the lie detector?

In fact, it is a device that tests the physical activities of a person. Reads the moods of liars. This will tell you what kind of movement takes place inside the person who lies on which question. What makes you sweat and what makes you hold your breath.

Although psychologists have said that the method of catching lies from machines has never been proven 100 percent. In such a situation, a person's own intelligence is the biggest machine. You should keep a close watch on every gesture of the liar, by this you will get success in avoiding someone's deception.

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