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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

India's unique tribe where the rule of women runs, the daughter gets the entire property

Although many types of tribes are found in the world, but there is such a tribe in our country India where people give more importance to daughters than sons. Here after marriage, not the bride but the groom's farewell.

India is called a country of diversities. You will be surprised to know that people of different religions and castes live here. Along with this, every religion has its own different cultures which are completely different from others. People are surprised to know the rules and regulations of these places. One such tribe is found in Meghalaya. Where there is no farewell to the bride after marriage, but the groom leaves his house and goes to the bride's house. Strange as it may sound, this tradition is being followed for years.

Simply put, the boy is sent away and the girl stays in her parents' house with her husband for the rest of her life. You will be surprised to know that where the parents have the right on the earnings of the boys here before marriage, then after marriage this right goes to the in-laws side. People all over our country give more importance to sons and always consider daughters as someone else's wealth, they should learn something from this tribe.

Women rule in big and small decisions

When a girl child is born in this tribe, the whole society celebrates. The surprising thing is that here the youngest daughter of the house is considered the most special and the people here give more share to their younger daughter than other children. However, the demand to change this practice has been rising for the last few years. The male society here has demanded to change it. The men of this tribe say that their aim is not to degrade women, but behind this they also do not want to give up their rights, rather they want equal rights for themselves which is their right.

You can understand the influence of the women here that in all the small and big decisions of the family, only the women are involved. Apart from this, outdoor work is usually done by men everywhere. A report had come out regarding this tribe, in which it was told that their population in the country is around nine lakhs. Most of the people of this population live in Meghalaya and some people are found in Assam, Manipur and West Bengal.

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