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Saturday, May 20, 2023

In the cooker or directly in the pan... which way is the right way to cook rice?

Rice is made in cooker or Bhagone. But have you made it in embroidery? Make it once you will want to make it again and again

Rice has its own special importance in Indian food. Especially in India, there would hardly be any house in which people do not eat rice. In most of the houses, people cook rice in a cooker or pan. On the other hand, if you want a different taste and aroma in rice, then try making it once in a pan. You will not believe, but rice becomes fragrant and fragrant in the pan. You can make not only simple rice but Tehri, Jeera rice and many other types of rice in the pan. Once you get used to making rice in a pan, after that you will feel like making it again and again. 

Make rice like this in a pan

To make rice in a pan, first clean the rice thoroughly or wash it with water, then soak it for 1 hour. When the rice gets soaked well, put a pan on the gas and put hot ghee in it, when the ghee becomes properly hot, add cumin, cloves, a piece of cinnamon and 4 grains of black pepper. When you see that the cumin is cooked properly, then add salt to it, after that add rice and pour water. Keep one thing in mind that pour the water in the right way, otherwise the rice will become wet. Slow down the gas and cover the pan. You have to keep the gas medium. Check after 10 minutes, the rice is cooked properly and if the water has dried, then turn off the gas. Now add chopped coriander leaves and serve it. 

How to make rice in pressure cooker

If you want to make quick and quick rice, then the best option is to make rice in a pressure cooker. Pressure cooker is best for quick cooking. Pressure cooker is used to create pressure and cook food faster. It seals the steam inside. And cooks the food quickly. For this, first of all take a pressure cooker, mix rice and water in it. Always keep the ratio of water and rice correct. For example, if you have taken one cup of rice, then keep 1.5 cups of water in it. Never keep more than half the water in the pressure cooker. Add a spoonful of muction, olive oil or oil of your choice to the rice for taste. 

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